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The Caboose is Ready for Renovations!

Paperwork on interior table of old caboose.One of the hidden secrets in Garner, NC is the Depot Museum.  The Old Depot was moved several times in its life until it found a permanent home off of Main St. Now the depot holds a collection of historical artifacts from in and around Garner to help tell the story of days past. You can walk through the depot building and just feel the history from the days when railroads were an important part of transportation.  Volunteer guides are available to help answer questions not just about the museum but about downtown Garner from the past up to today.  When people ask where the museum is located the big red caboose out front is always mentioned as a landmark.

Torn and taped caboose benchThe caboose is something people notice with its shiny red color and big white lettering of SOUTHERN X771. Everyone is excited to see the caboose and want to be able to walk through it to learn about how the caboose helped with transportation. The need to be able to step inside the caboose is the reason the Garner Museum at the Depot has started fundraising for its restoration. The museum staff want people to be able to safely enter the caboose and feel some of what it was like to bring up the rear of the train. The interior has had a full life, and with some support and hard work, the story of that life  can be told.

Interior view of old cabooseTo start the fundraising campaign out strong, Banks Bed and Breakfast is hosting the museum’s first fundraiser.  It’s called the Big Red Caboose Tea!  Now the planning team has decided to make this tea a twist on the traditional sit down formal tea. The Big Red Caboose Tea will of course have tea, both hot and cold, but also some lemonade for those who want other options. This tea will have a large selection of treats such as cookies, brownies, sandwiches, and more.  The Big Red Caboose Tea will also have some fun activities in and around the event.  There will be raffle baskets, pop-up prizes and other surprises. The Big Red Caboose Tea is a fundraiser like no other, but everyone is sure to have fun while enjoying tea with friends and family! Join us on June 23rd at 2:00 by going to the museum website, under events and the Big Red Caboose Tea to purchase your tickets. If you cannot attend the event please, go on the website under the donation tab and indicate your donation to support the caboose. Even small amounts add up to make a big difference.  We at Banks Bed and Breakfast are excited to be supporting this wonderful project for the Garner Museum at the Depot and the Big Red Caboose. Hope to see you here on June 23rd!.


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