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A red Northern Cardinal perched on a branch.

Spring and Birds

Black and White Warbler bird.Spring will always eventually come and with it the arrival of birds and their songs.  The Banks house has the advantage of having our own almost two acres of woods right in downtown Garner.  Those acres are also connected to a larger patch of forest and natural habitats owned by the Town of Garner. The birds seek the backyard and surrounding area out as a refuge for nesting, resting, and feeding on their migration journeys in spring and fall.  More than two thirds of the birds that nest in the Piedmont leave our area for the winter, and usually return to the same yards, woods, and gardens they visited last year

Another birding opportunity for those who stay with us is the chance to go birding with one of the best. Now I do not say it lightly but Curtis Smalling, my partner in all things, (including innkeeping) is one of the best birders in the state. He has been birding since he was a youngster roaming the mountains in Boone, North Carolina. Presently, Curtis is the Director of Conservation for Audubon North Caroling.  His birding treks have brought him all across the state, country, and even a few international jaunts.

Chestnut-sided Warbler in a green tree. When you bird with Curtis you don’t just get quality time working through sightings and and identification. When you are out in the field with him you also get a rich amount of bird and natural history information. What you will find is that the quality of what you take home from a birding experience with Curtis is very different than just going out to watch birds.  Whether you are a novice or a veteran birdwatcher your time interacting with him through birds is one of the more engaging experiences you may ever have with nature.

I encourage you to plan an early morning bird walk with Curtis during your stay with us. Spring, summer, fall or even winter can gift you with a natural experience in our backyard woods or downtown Garner’s local trails, and you might be surprised by the diversity you see. (Photo credit- Don Mullaney)


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